SpillVak (LV) Low Viscosity Absorbent 5-Gallon Bag


We are putting the competition on notice with SpillVak LV.  Specially formulated to absorb low viscosity fluids like antifreeze/coolant, diesel fuel, gasoline, Jet A and more, SpillVak LV goes to work to absorb those fast-running fluids quickly, cleanly and effectively before they can make a mess of your surface.  Recommended to use 4-6 times for full saturation before disposal.  It is Organic & NSF certified for use in professional kitchens.  The competition does not stand a chance against this ONE TOUGH SUCKER!

  • (LV) Low Viscosity 5-Gallon Bag
  • 4-6 Times Use
  • Resealable Bag or Bucket Refill
  • NSF Certified
  • Made in USA