SpillVak Absorbent Crumbles Trial Size


Customers who work outside have told us they need SpillVak in a formulation that provides wind resistance and will not blow away, as well as not make a cloud of white dust like Diatomacheous Earth, Silica and Clay-based absorbents do.  Just enough density to resist the wind, soft enough to provide maximum surface area and the ability to spread throughout the spill and absorb fluids of all viscosities.  All without creating a white dust storm in the air!  It is Organic & NSF certified for use in professional kitchens.  SpillVak Crumbles are One Tough Sucker!

  • SpillVak Crumbles Trial Size
  • Absorbs All Fluids
  • Wind Resistant
  • Easy Handle Grip Jar
  • NSF Certified
  • Made in USA
SpillVak Absorbent Crumbles Trial Size Reviews

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