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Light Duty & Hand Towels

Featured! White Multi-Fold Disposable Hand Towel

FREE UdderTech Towel Tote with each order while supplies last-

This absorbent & durable disposable towel is a popular choice for hand wiping stations.  First quality, this can be used as a refill in various wall dispensers or as a udder wipe for cows.  Each case has 16 bundles of 250 wipes with totalling 4,000 sheets.  

 Pallet Pricing Available - Email for details 

  • Multi-Fold White Hand Towels
  • 9"x9.5" Sheets
  • 16 packs of 250 sheets per case (4.000 total)
  • Strong, Soft, Absorbent, & Biodegradable
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Shop Towel End Cuts & Trim Sheets Mixed Case (10#)

Mixed material cases of end cuts (trim) sheets from the converting process.  Several hundreds pieces per box.  The sheet size varies from 3"x 5" to 10"x 12" and larger.  Cases vary with white, blue, natural, & red DRC, blue & white heavy duty airlaid as well as others.  Some cases are strictly one color others are mixed.  No guarantees, but if you have a preference, please ask and we will try to accomodate.  These multi-purpose, disposable shop wipes are great for wiping up oil & grease.   Works well with around the shop, garage, or workshop.  Hundreds of uses especially if you have kids or pets!

  • 10# Case End Cuts/Trim Sheets
  • Hundreds of Sheets Per Case
  • Great for Oil, Grease, Paint, Stain, & Solvents
  • Availibility May Be Limited
  • All Material Made in USA